Shamanic Dearmoring 

Shamanic Dearmoring is an intense healing process that loosens the pain tapes from the past held within the body. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores your natural balance and generates transformation on a cellular level. Read more…

Yearlong Program – Inner Leadership

Q-logoThe Inner Leadership Yearlong Program offers you a journey through portals of ancient wisdom and tools to balance yourself on an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual level. It is a space where we as humans can grow together, look deeply into ourselves, be the co-creators of the new Dream and mirror eachothers potential. Read more…


Shamanic Sexual Wisdom, part 1 – Return to Innocence

q-logo_webShamanic Sexual Wisdom is a ceremonial process to reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness and naturalness of who you are as a sexual, sensual human being. The teachings are based in American shamanic traditions which incorporate spirituality and sexuality as an integral part of life. Read more….

Winter Retreat

Image 03-11-17 at 09.22Now in Winter Season it is time to go within! To take time out for a while, and give space for exploration and listening to ourselves, meeting and feeling that which has been put on hold. Read more…




Several times a year, there are resculpting weekends for those who have participated in Shamanic Dearmoring. Read more.. 



 Tantra Retreats with Daniel Odier



Daniel Odier is offering retreats in tantra at Kärlingesund Retreat Center, ofering the profound mystical teachings of the Pratyabjijna and Spanda schools of the Kaula tradition. Read more… 


Golden Womb Black Turtle Matriarch Retreat

Dedicated to conscious dreaming and awake awareness. To evolutionary change and creational living. To actualizing your destiny. To being part of the solution now. Read more..