From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, Oct 2016

“Dearmoring for me have been such deep experience that will change my life forever, after many years of workshops, this is really what I needed; to cloose my karma book forever and live in total freedom. Thanks so much Åsa for being real.”

Luca from Italy, Entrepreneur


“The dearmoring process is the best gift given to myself in my life. I experienced that my lovely, natural and powerful energy is the most beautiful gift to myself and to the world.”

Kristin, Midwife and mother


“This retreat opened the door for me to a whole new life. The teachings are profound and very easy applicable in every day life. I feel my snake skin has renewed and foresee my flow and joy in life will have been taken to a new level.

And Åsa, you are the most fun, wise and ”cutting-through” teacher I have met until now. Big Thanks.”

Annemieke Barnhoorn, 49, NL


“For the first time I have been able to have multiple orgasms. Orgasms without inner pictures, just having attention to my body and genitals. I have reached orgasms without any tension in my body – just being relaxed and receiving. In everyday life I have closer to laughter and pleasant shivers in my body. 

My breath comes all the way down now. This is so far the best gift to myself ever. My future children will thank me.”

Bente, 34, Health Worker


“Life changing experience.

Saying Yes to life by fully accepting that my body belongs to me and I am worth being in my body. To embrace self –worth, self-acceptance, self-respect and no longer feeling guilt about me being a totally sexual and orgastic human being.

Thank you from the depth of my heart!”

Åsa 56



“A life changing experience. Performed with deep knowledge, respect and love. A sacred ceremony and process. I am deeply thankful beyond words. From the whole of my heart”

Sofia Ström, 44, Therapist & Business Adviser


“To hear it is possible to go into retreat in a safe, secure, strongly held space to strip away decades of anguish, fear and many more layers of crud encasing my body is a wonderful prospect.

Still further to experience it all rushing out of me in the most intense, cathartic, healing disharges of my life and to be left feeling so much space inside, connection to my heart, body and spirit is beyond comparison.

True bliss, peace, tranquility and freedom from the parts of me that pretend to control one, is priceless and a true gift.”

Chris, 35, England, Professional Network Marketer


“The Dearmoring is one of the most precious gifts I have had in my life. It has helped me see that I can actually receive and enjoy the whole of me in all of my human imperfection, and that, that is perfect!”

Lotta. 46, yoga teacher


“Life transformational! Etter Dearmoring ser så mye mer lys framover i livet mitt. Mer klarhet og styrke, mer tro på meg selv og livet.

Har fått tillbake en storre kraft inni meg som er kjempe deilig å föle og ha som anker og spiritual determination videre i livet.

Takk fra dypet av mitt hjerte.”

Josefin Helland, 28


“The retreat was a profound experience for me. In the teachings and practise there is a great wisdom. The guidance from Åsa and her team is very precise, dedicated and loving. It is the confirmation of teachings, ceremonies and the actual dearmoring process which make this retreat so special.

I experienced it as a very powerful way, as spiritual growth, self acceptance and self love!”

Edward,  69


“The teachings has been so rich and the process so deep and profound. I look forward to use and integrate the tools I´ve been given.

I can´t find words for what a great teacher Åsa is.

It´s been a very safe and lovingly held space for deep transformation.”

Anna 40, teacher


“Shamanic Dearmoring was an intense two weeks process, where I got to locate and release blocks to energy flow in my body, and dear old emotions associated with those blocks. Sometimes it was blissful, and sometmes it was difficult, but it lead to a greater degree of inner freedom and expansion in my body. 

Åsa was very skillful at navigating my process, reminding me of my determination and my strength, and directing my focus. I would highly recommend Shamanic Dearmoring to any one.”



“The teachings gave me several great tools that will help me continue developing myself and take the fight with the pretender voices”




From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, May 2016

“The Body Dearmoring was  a wonderful program which gave me a lot of insights and freedom. Very empowering, I´ve never gone so deep. It will certainly be helpful fot the rest of my life.”

Riemer 49, Civil Engineer


“This retreat is a bridge to welcome you in a new world, no matter what was the perception of it before. A world of amazing new possibilities. It is held with such love, care and wisdom that the transition already happens the moment you decide to engage yourself in it.”

Gopal Anand


“This experience has gifted me such an abundance of strong medicine, anchors, direction, clarity, healing and self-empowerment! I have been offered keys to a rich, expansive and deeply fulfilling life of freedom. To walk forward in grace, pleasure and beauty. I hold gratitude for this like a golden sun inside my soul.”

Carrie 34, Musician



“The Dearmoring is a doorway that opens a new life. A life to more self-love, self-deservment and pleasure. I truly feel that I have been given tools to re-create my life. To live and choose with intent and determination. I can´t wait to get home and practice what I have learned and spread the wisdom and the light.”

Samaroha  48, Holistic Nutritionist


“The Shamanic Dearmoring ceremony was a coming home, a coming home into myself finding peace and calm within my body while tapping into the incredible potency and vibrancy of my life force energy. Åsa and her team are true masters in space holding! They provide a safe and loving atmosphere during this whole journey of deep transformation.”

Aude 25


“Life provides with a few crossroads when to reflect on your past life and to look forward how to spend the rest of your life in greater beauty and fulfillment.

Shamanic Body Dearmoring is such a rare life transforming moment. Åsa provides a safe and loving space for this deeply personal and vulnerable experience.”

Karl 56, M.D.


“I love the way we were taught, it gave me more connection to myself, my self worth, more relaxation, more completion, more understanding how things work for me and where I pay attention to what is good for me.

It gave me more connection to myself and others. To give and to receive. To have more pleasure in my life and sexual life. And how will I keep life satisfied and exciting.”

Franklin 44, Director


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Return to Innocence May 2016

“Shamanic Sexual Wisdom has opened up for me to see my sexuality from so many different perspectives, inspiring me to more fully explore my potential as a sexual being, in love and respect for myself and my palymates/partners.”



“Åsa creates a beautiful space for learning and expanding in these wonderful important teachings. So much love, playfulness safety and trust!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to connect on a deeper level to my heart & soul and to my orgastic nature!”

Love Helene

krusidull“Thank you Åsa & Co for one of the most sexually empowering experinces in my life! I am eternally grateful for this deep gift, reconnecting my sexuality to Spirit in a much more deep and profound way than I would have ever expected. I will definiteley be back for more of this juicy, orgastic, deeply healing and pleasurable goodness! Lots of love and light”

Nadal 24, y/o lightworker


“Shamanic Sexual Wisdom opened to my vulnerability”

Aude 25


“This is not an ordinary course. This is evolution of consciousness. This is sacred healing on a very deep archetypal level.”

Åsa, nurse


“Now that I know that I am an Elkman, my life will never be the same. Thank you.”

Fran 25, Warrior of God


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, September 2015

”A testiment of Truth. A magical opportunity to unlock a lifetime of holding patterns. Åsa and her team conduct the course with clarity, safety and with heartfelt presence. Deeply Grateful!”

Sky, yoga teacher


“The Dearmoring has given fantastic results for all of us participants. Loosening up and releasing tension and blockages in the body and mind that for me has been there for many years despite having tried all sorts of other tools and therapies. I was extremely impressed by Åsa, she holds space with such proffesionality, wisdom and humour. We all could relax in trust and feel held the whole way. It has also given valuable teachings and tools that we can bring with us home that will make life easier and more enjoyable. 

Priceless! I feel the dearmoring is something that everyone would benefit highly from doing and I couldn’t recommend it more. Also, the retreat place at Kärlingesund is  exquisitely beautiful inside and around in the nature, it’s been a pure joy to spend time there”

Sanna, Elektro ingenjör


”Finally I am home. Resting in my body whole, holy. The gratitude to Åsa and Jenny holding space is beyond words. This process, so precise, so beautifully held and guided has deepened my trust in life, my trust in Spirit. So deeply grateful! ”

Cosma singer


”Transforming on many levels, sparks the inner alchemist. Mandatory for all human beings”

Ralph 49


”The greatest gift I could ever have honoured myself with. A gift of deep healing and nourishing of my heart into full expansion of my beautiful self. A Journey of Self discovery in a space held with such deep compassion, respect and true beauty. Aho! ”

Julie UK


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, April 2015

As soon as the judgmental mind got itself at peace with the methods and tools of dearmoring, the process becomes the fastest and most transformational tool I can imagine available on the market. As I feel now it is a very honest and honorable possibility to change ones life, what is offered.

Micha Meyer, cook


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Quodouskha teachings, April 2015

A really beautiful place, both the nature and the people, a life changing experience, everyone should do it at least once! If only I had taken this course 30 years ago! Sign up now and don´t look back.

Roy 53, IT consultant


It has been a very healing and developing experience. I feel that I now have tools to deepen further into my physical enjoyment and sexuality. I am deeply grateful!

Matthias, tantric bodyworker/musician


A perfect opportunity to come home, reawakening into your core in your essence with like minded people. This is one of the paths for a new Earth, and a beautiful one with a great teacher. Thank you Åsa!

Michael Stig, Copenhagen, Denmark


From the participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, October 2014

Åsa and Jenny, you hold a such an amazingly deep and strong space – every moment through this journey I felt your presence. You were there, at once, every time I felt stuck, ready and available, to support. I have learned so much – the teachings of the tradition deeply resonate within my soul. Thank you Åsa for your presence – the way you teach gives me a lot of inspiration – you speak straight from the source, with the same deep acceptance and respect to every question. And thank you Jenny for your flowing, feminine Beauty, for your sensual open clear support. It was like being held by the Great Mother herself, feeling at the same time the love of the sisterhood.



For the past 25 years, I have not been able to breath properly. I felt like I had a band around my chest, and it was quite painful at times. The doctors took x-rays, ultra sound etc, but found nothing wrong. After the dearmoring process, I can now breath effortlessly, no pain, no band.

Thank you, thank you , thank you for doing this for us.

Hilde 35 år,  Norway


I thought I was having a loving and caring relationship with myself, my body and sexuality. There is so much more to expand than we can possibly know by mind. The space is held by Åsa and Jenny in the most open, loving and empathic way.

They really sense every participant on a deep, connecting level, giving one the exact help to reinforce their own sexual and life force energy with strong determination. It is the best gift that you can give yourself.

Anubhava,  Denmark


Thank you for this journey of deep healing, truly a life changing experience. The best investment in my own life I have ever done.

Andreas, 42 år,Norway


From the participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring March 2014

The World needs a new perception on things and this new approach must be based on the best we know, ie the way it has been done for thousands of years from our ancestors.

On this course you will be liberated, in the safe hands of the very competent course teachers. Sexuality and Spirituality join hands -  the Heart of the masculine and feminine  will shine and you will be happy!

Michael, writer and therapist, Denmark


I found the Purpuse of my Life!

Chris Coach


I have experienced a deep and profound journey to the core self in search for my inner liberation.

I have had to face different masks and past experiences that kept me hooked in the loop, stopping me to fully live my passion for life and expand my human potential.

I am grateful for my courage and determination and love for myself that brought me here as well as my inner guidance and trust to find my true nature.

Thank you for being the catalyst of my inner transformation sharing your wisdom, love and passion for life.

With love and appreciation to existence, nature and our presence. Here and now!

Love Uma, Mexico


I attended the Shamanic Dearmorering course because I wanted to stay in my power and find a deeper conection with my partner. Now on the last day of this journey, I can say that I found my power, I found the deeper connection and I got beautiful new friends. I do recommend this course for individuals and couples if you are commited to be the captain of your life.

Antti, Business Coach


These two weeks have been truly fantastic, orgastic, deep and expanding. I have never attended a course with so much exploration, love and expansion – and I recommend it to everyone who dares exploring the depth of bodily sensations, to anyone who wants to explore and deepen their sexual energy.

Matthias, musician and tantric body worker


This course put me to the edge of exploring the unknown and it opened totally new dimensions in me.

I recommitted in being here in this body on this earth and I chose to explore how to ride the waves of breath and pleasure and orgastic light. I am in deep gratitude for this grand opening and new beginning of my life. I wish this awakening to all my brothers and sisters, woman and men who have the longing for finding and re-claiming their true nature and love inside and all around.

Siri, a human being, Finland


Testimonials from earlier courses and retreats

”This is bright light, this is love… and the freedom to accept and step into it”

- Diana


”An intensive, deep healing and empowering process in a warm and safe space.
During the dearmoring process I got the space of seeing the believes, perceptions, emotions and thoughts that are not allowing me to be in my full power, take responsibility for my reality and create the life my heart wants to live.”
- Cristina 35 år


“Feel deeply nourished by Åsas warm welcome back to sacred, sacred sexuality!A beautiful held course in balance with the elements, embracing a deep seeing of the depth of sensual and sexual beingness, in the human body. Encourage to take the path of pleasure – as the new road of dharma and leaving the pain road and old karma behind. Building a circle of trust, and friendship that transcends time and space.Thank you. Deep gratitude from my heart, for giving this service to the world!”

- Helen Dearmorering, Ängsbacka, mars 2014


“The dearmoring was the best gift I have ever given myself. I feel light and free and alive in my body. I gained compassion and appreciation for myself and a strong sense of my own power and naturness. I highly recommend the dearmoring for everyone willing to take a step into freedom and joy!”

- Suvi, Healer & Therapist, Finland