Shamanic Body Dearmoring

It was one of the not many, most transforming things I did in my life.

I feel the love inside me grown.

I feel I know how I really am a gentle, loving, kind man who wants to bring joy, pleasure, love and care to this world.

I feel it´s all inside of me.

I feel like a container who can hold everything, because the container is made of compassion and love.

It will hold everything.

I am very, very, very grateful for the love, the knowledge kindness and wisdom I received here.

Thank you Åsa, Karolina Jonas.

You gave me a lot.

Maciej Belski



I walked into this 2 week long ceremony on stiff wooden legs, with my voice in a chokehold.

I now dance my way out 2 weeks later, singing mantras with my heart softened

and filled with selflove

 and a feeling of connection to all that is.

I have gained so much trust in myself over these 2 weeks,

 and gained trust in others.

I am so grateful over all the people I have met here

 who has showed me nothing but love and respect.

I thought I could place someone in a box but the person I had most ”trouble” with in the beginning is the most beautiful person I ever met, and my brother.

Now all men are my brothers and all the ladies my sisters.

Jonas Grenholm



I´m naturally sceptical, but I have learned to balance that with openness.

A willingness to be open even though some things can seem out of sanity,

like this Dearmoring ceremony.

I´m happy about my openness quality,

because this ceremony was

exactly what I needed.

The impact I have got from this is so vast I can not yet grasp it all.

One thing I know though is that I´m closer to the truth that I have ever been.

Fredrik Silander, 30 år


This journey was an alchemical magic that guided me to unknown

 and familiar at the same time.

The teachings and the space Åsa creates so fantastically,

feel so real and safe.

I feel in love with life and enormous gratitude for where I am right now.

Katka, 44



The Dearmoring ”program” to me is/has been the most loving, intense, inspiring and transformative experience I have had so far.

I have felt so held,

challenged in a very soft and sweet way.

It actually is possible to fall in love with life again…no matter what.

Thank you so much Åsa for being such an inspiring woman of strength, love and lightness.

Your leadership is a grand example and a big gift for the world.


Hanneke Smulders, 50

Coach, Entrepeneur



I´m in Awe and Amazed.

Such benevolent journey.

Before I had a lot of fears,


I feel more alive, vital and whole than ever before.

Thank you dear team!

I´m so grateful.

Thank you!

Mikael, 46



Thank you for 2 weeks that changed my way of seeing myself, sexuality and life!

I feel so whole, shameless and true to myself!

The challenge to do this was possible through the proffesional support, love and integrity from Åsa and the team.

So rich experience and full of immense beauty.

I wish for all to experience this,

and recommend it to everyone!

I thought my age would be a hindrance,

but I experienced a boost of energy,

I have got more knowledge how to take care of myself and actually feel again.

My sexuality is sacred and will follow me for the rest of my life.

Ps. The food was fantastic and the surroundings beautiful!

Eva, 62



Beautiful and very effective retreat, held in a safe and loving space.

Exeptional ………… to go inside and deep within,

a journey in both the light and the dark side of the inner self.

Highly recommended!




 I add a few words to you to thank you again for your amazing teaching and wisdom.

I so admire you and love you deep in my heart.

Such a light to follow!

And such a great example of the flower of the feminine in all this beauty, light and power.




I´m all loss for words, to describe the complete journey experienced over these last two weeks.

Things I worked with for years are truly healed!

New insights, working with nature and the spiritual were married in a wonderful union with humor and pleasure.

The team here was excellent!

All they hold space perfectly and invite for playfulness

 and they had so much attention for even the slightest details,

their care and love shone throughout the whole experience.

And if none of the above convince you….just come for the food and wonderful walks in nature.

For ever grateful!

Francois, 38



I am so happy I came here,

 I feel liberated in many ways. 

My heart feels open and soft.

It has been beyond my imagination.

I didn´t know these feelings where possible.

I feel more myself.

Stronger and soft and open at the same time.

I enjoyed the place so much.

Nature around, the beautiful house.

We were so well taken care of.

Thank you amazing team for your support and caring!

 always there at the right moment.

Åsa, You are an amazing teacher, leader & goddess.

Such an inspiration for me.

Thank you for bringing your gifts and these teachings into the world.

I can´t wait to come back again.

Tessa, 31



The Shamanic Body Dearmoring retreat opened up my heart and sensitivity in the most profound way.

I will be able to love and respect myself and others on a new unseen level.

My life has transformed to the better.

Robert, 59




Åsas Dearmoreringskurs var helt fantastisk.

Åsa och hennes team skapade ett varmt hållande space där alla deltagare känner sig trygga och där alla kan växa.

Jag kan varm rekommendera denna kurs.




This was a most amazing journey for me.

Such a beautiful process,

safely held by one of the most fantastic teachers I ever had the grace to learn from.

Life transforming!

Thank you from the very depths of my heart!

Johan, 51



There is no way to fully convey the love and joy that I feel within me after these two weeks of journeying together.

I´ve been shown the map to walk back home, showing up as my fullest self in beauty, leaving beauty behind me everywhere I go.

Every teaching that I received here has cracked every layer, every wall,

and I´ve felt like I´ve discovered an old dream

I´ve fallen in love again with myself, life, people, nature, the sky, the sun and the moon,

and every breath I take is just a reminder of this feeling of fullness.

I´ve broken through to break free.

Ps. Tuscany is waiting for your medicine!

Nora Silini

Leadership & people dev.

Independent consultant


The Dearmoring process has been a profound journey of healing and learning through pleasure.
At times challenging and yet so blissful and empowering.

I have stepped into a new era of consciousness, where everything that is no longer serving me is now surfacing to be dealt with.

I have totally fallen in love with myself – with life in all it’s forms.

I am deeply grateful to Åsa and her team for their dedication of passing on this ancient wisdom, and for holding a safe and loving space where transformation is welcomed with compassion and humor.

It’s a true gift to the world!
– Jannicke, Norwaykrusidull

Amazing experience, I never thought I would experience this.

Now I feel complete, my life has changed.

Mikael 41


A deep dive to unlock the full potential of my life force energy.
For everyone that wants to connect more fully to all experiences.
Åsa is a true master in setting a safe and deep space filled with humor and magic.

Truly transformative and unique.
A powerful catalyst for life.


Breathwork facilitator/Leadership trainer


The shamanic dearmoring process made me feel much lighter and now I can even feel flushes of

emotions running through my body.

As a person I am very analytical and generally not in touch with my my emotions,

so for me this is a Great gift.

I can ́t really get my head around the process but it works!

Samuel 35


The dearmoring has made life more brightly colored and closer and more directly experienced for


An incredible game changer!

Supervisor, board member


Beautiful space, powerful teaching!

Just do it!


One chapter closing and another opening.
A new blank page to fill with the rest of my life.
This chapter will be written by my true essence,

where I am deeply connected to myself,
deeply listening to my soul.
From now on it is me creating life.
And all the joy and pleasure is available.

Cim 33


What an incredible gift these 2 weeks have been for me.
Not really something that can be explained, but experienced from within.
I did not know much about this retreat before coming,

And only knew it was calling,

so can only recommend you to trust your inner voice and follow your intuition.
I have gained so much already and know deep inside that there is so much more to come,
so I can keep riding this beautiful life with more love, joy, harmony and trust.
So many more doors and pathways have opened up to my consciousness

that I will be able to keep exploring.
Thank you so much!
Thomas 37
Engineer/Project manager


Dearmoring has made me more aware of the different layers of my mind,
so that I now consciously can choose the light and empowerment.
I feel that it has opened my heart space and heart energy and has allowed

a practice in self love.
Nanneke 33
Breath coach


Thank you for this dearmoring retreat.

It was a super powerful and impactful process where I got to meet myself on so many levels and

much more into my power and shining.

I feel I will be uncovering the gifts of this in the coming months, as I meet life with so much more

of myself.

My body, mind and heart are so much more open.
There is a homecoming for my Spirit.

Beautiful work and held in such safety, love and determination.

Christina 41


The gift that dearmoring gives you cannot be described by words.
It needs to be experienced, lived through and grown into.

Åsa and the team have given me keys to empowered spaces within which I didn ́t even know of.

Big Thank you from my heart.

Emilia 39


Mitt hjärta är öppet och min kropp vibrerar.
Jag står stadigt med öppna armar och välkomnar livet.

Back to the roots på riktigt!
Kristian Hedborg
Kafé ägare

I have done a lot of healing work,

but nothing that has ever put me to the edge like this dearmoring.
It requiers a personal determination, but it changes things from the core,
where you actually have to do the work, not only receiving teachings.

It holds the potential to create a solid impact.

Learning to handle and hold a higher amount of energy in the body, remaining grounded with

presence in the present moment is a skill,
changing whole life yet to come.



You will know and you will listen to your inner calling to become free

in body, mind and Spirit.


Conscious energy worker

Testimonials Shamanic Body Dearmoring April 2019

My time here has been my life’s greatest gift in my heart and soul. A delicious completion in my journey from trauma to wholeness and freedom. Seeing my brother’s vulnerability was heart melting an filled me with hope. I am so grateful for all the teachings and tools I can now take into my new life. Most of all it has been a very Real process. It’s the Real Deal.

The food has been so nourishing and delicious. The environment heavenly. In fact, I felt I was in heaven on earth. I saw the divine perfection in the design of life mirrored in my surroundings. Seeing everyone’s journey into their true beatty and potential. Awe Inspiring

Sara Devon, UK


ready to embark on a loving & challenging journey, that will transform your life so deeply, into a new life with more light, relaxation and life with self, self-worth & self-pleasure

Thank you, dream-team, for all your support & creating a beautiful and safe space to grow.



Shamanic Dearmoring was an awakening process for me, awakening my body, awakening my soul and spirit. I feel so happy and wish everybody could have a chance to participate in this wonderful process which was for me the way to myself, my self-disseverment, self-worth and self-love

Yuliya, 39, Ukraine


I am so grateful that I fulfilled this process, it was such a journey, I made friends and family for life. I arrived as a frightened and wounded cat and I leave strong and ready like a panther. All the teachings, the practices allowed me to find myself and the answers I have been searching for, within myself. The world has only to gain when one goes through such a process, such a transformation. I can only recommend whoever wants to find more of themselves to come and join the Dearmoring process. It is such a healing and I felt so powerful, so aware of my own talents and gifts like I’ve never had before.

Carlos Gomes, a transformed and loved man
I have been a shadow or myself. Now I am radiating as myself.
I have now experienced to fulfil the need of expressing myself, be seen, accepted and appreciated.
I have experienced the knowledge I’ve had of loving oneself as one loves others.

Helga, 48


Thank you Åsa for the space of healing and such profound safety. Where old programs, beliefs and lies become so clear, to be transformed on this warrior path. For the wisdom teachings, giving me the clarity to be a determiner of my energy, my life force. I am so grateful to you and your team; I trust you implicitly. I trust this process completely. And the best thing is, this is only the beginning. The beginning of choosing healing through pleasure instead of repetition and suffering and lastly, for the deep process of uniting the male/female – the brotherhood/sisterhood in my own self, in my heart and with the brother-sisterhood in my life, this is a gift beyond measure.

Lucienne van Leeuwen, New-Zealand


I tried a lot of things like deep therapy etc. Nothing as opened me like this Dearmoring. I can now feel more intense happiness, sorrow, self-respect, love, my body has been awakened.

Thank you, Great Spirit.

Markus S., 38, Sweden


A beautiful process of finding myself in my full being. Very respectful and trusted.
Thank you Åsa and team. With love,

Michel, 58, Netherlands


What a wonderful and healing process. I got deep insights in myself by experiencing them and the teachings have given me a whole new perspective on life. I never experienced so much love and acceptance within a group of brothers and sisters before. It has been incredibly inspiring. I feel blessed and grateful.



Superb flow, organic wonderful teachings and practices. Very supportive team with a great heart. I received much more than what I came for.
I never felt love so intensely in my entire life. I feel free and grateful, here I learned that love is not only about giving but also about receiving.

Ryane M, 43, Monaco


I have got my breath and my body back. I can’t explain in words what it means to me, but it means everything.



What an amazing retreat! Truly transforming. Healing old pain, opening for a new world of presence, pleasure and joy. Wow.
Åsa and her team are creating a safe and loving space for vulnerability, sorrow and everything to be contained, healed and transformed. Thank you.

Jacob Ykov, Copenhagen


I have been on many paths with many teachers (yoga, tantra, vipassana, plant journeys) but never felt his “at home” feeling. I love how this process not only allows but requires self-leadership and self-inquiry. That it is never anyone else who knows my truth, but only me. It’s deeply empowering. I feel so much strength and self-love in a way that I cannot describe. I also love the focus on humor and playfulness which I have missed in other traditions. Self-development is FUN and I love it!!! Thank you again and bless you.

Johanna, 27, Sweden


The Dearmoring has opened up new and deeper ways for me to relax into my body, myself, my womb. And to feel even more pleasure and an understanding of the deep connection between sexual energy and your overall life energy. It has also brought me a deeper acceptance of myself, a new sense of freedom, owning my own body. And a deeper understanding of that it’s ME and nobody else who is in charge of my life.

Karin, 57, massage therapist, Sweden


The house is beautiful and the way in which tables were divided helped build a sense of community maintaining the beautiful space. The food was wonderful and fed the soul. The teachings were offered with incredible integrity and depth, paying homage to the wisdom of the lineage form which they derive. I have been deeply challenged by the process but was held in a safe container of love throughout, I will continue to build on what I have learnt here for a long time to come.

Jennifer, 58, community activist UK


You hold such an amazingly deep and strong space – every moment through this journey, I felt your presence. You were there, at once every time I felt stuck, ready and available to support. I have learnt so much – the teachings of this tradition deeply resonate within my soul. Thank you Åsa for your presence; the way you speak straight from the source, with the same deep acceptance and respect to every question. And thank you Jenny for your flowing feminine beauty for your sensual, open, clear support – it was like being held by the Great Mother herself, feeling at the same time the love of sisterhood.

I know I am standing at crossroads and this journey has helped me to see that there is only one way to go. I am deeply, deeply grateful. And thank you so much for the music, I have loved every single track.

The teachings speak from very deep within me. It has fulfilled a deep longing within me that I have found through this journey. A path that I find worth following. I will look for a way to do that.

It is clear that the structure of this retreat is a well-tried, tested and working one. It felt very safe to be in that space knowing that many many others have been in it before. I also loved the fluidity within the frame. That is was possible for us to shape our own experience within it. Loved the variety – yoga, mediations, dancing, movie. It was very helpful for the side of me that believes everything is hard work!


Hajni M, 37

 Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Quodoushka 1 in The Netherlands February 2019

The life force or existence, that all life is sacred and so, so beautiful. Stepping into this space with a willingness to change my inner attitude has transformed me, rebirthed my soul on a path as a light warrior. It is the biggest gift of self-love, self-disseverment and self-worth to step into life with a dearmored body and mind, in touch with spirit and the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth as a sacred human being.

Gaja Beukers, Nutrition and Holistic Health Practitioner


In gratitude
To Spirit, Life Force, Fantastic teachers Åsa and Amara. Inspiring assistants Kavina and Jonas. Returning back to my daily life feeling grounded, light, free and happy. Trusting life loving me. Ready for new surprising and amazing new gifts of life.



Attending this workshop was challenging and opening. It opened my heart and it opened my playfulness again. If you play whith your sexual energy something magical happens.

Paula R.

Powerful and Transformative, simply the best thing you can do for your life and happiness.

An Englishman

The teachings and ceremonies are beauty, leading to more beauty, leading to more beauty……. Wisdom shared & shown.

Josette, 50

Profound experience, healing & empowering. Ancient wisdom, hippy shit or what? Doesn’t matter, it works and feels great.

René, 58


Quodoushka with Åsa and Amara was magical. It brought me selflove and made me see my own beauty on a much deeper level than ever before. An imprint for life.

Wilma, the Netherlands

Thank you for the eye-opening experience. Helping me to get to know myself better and enabling personal development.


This beautiful Quodoushka Training will really change my life completely. I was able to jump in the unknown and now I feel like I have found my wings again to fly. To love life, to fly & flow in life. Thank you so very much.

Agnes, 45

It was an amazing, healing, juicy, fun and sacred journey. This retreat gave me so many new imprints, very grateful that you pass the wisdom in such a beautiful way. Thank you.


This work is profound and essential for those on the path of seeking their aliveness. It’s what I’ve been searching for, what my soul has been longing for, for many lifetimes.

Karen Yendall

I feel truly healed in all aspects of myself. Humble and grateful.


A unique quality of holding space makes the experience safe and joyful to step into.


It’s so magical to see and feel how quickly and deeply it’s possible to reconnect to our true spark!!
I love this! Thank you so much!

Ines, Croatia


Amazing team. Profound teachings. An atmosphere where you feel safe to explore your limits, where you choose to be. Very liberating. Amazing to see how conditioning has limited my freedom and finally at age 54 I find new dimensions of pleasure.

AR 54

Thank you so much for healing and transformation.

Jochen Aschenbrenner

During this Q1 retreat I not only connected with new layers of my sexuality (in the eye of menopause) but foremost got a reflection of who I truly am through the strong teachings of sacred sexuality. Thank you Åsa and Amara!

Margot, 54


Quodoushka 1, these teachings brought me in connection to my Self, so deep, with so much love & laughter. It will change the direction of my path. I feel this wisdom was already here in me. Now I can bring it in my reality.


Beyond words……… but I’ll try:
Warm and profound embrace and deep coming home in the eternal web of creation.


My whole being is radiating with so much selflove and indebted inner wisdom. My womb feels so happy and my soul shining. Thank you for bringing forth a deeper understanding and connection to our natural sexuality within our self, nature & spirit.

With luminous love,
Rebecca, Moon Light Panter Luck

Quodoushka, a beautiful initiation to our natural sexual beauty and sacredness of the lifeforce energy and spirit energy.

Corine Lavrijssen, Tantrika Netherlands

I experienced Q as very liberating and knowledgeable. Something every teenager should receive before entering in the sexual arena.


Thank you, Q-team for sharing and showing your wisdom. Although a lot of the teachings were known to me, I embrace my male sexuality more now, then I already did. You really made it alive for me.

Reinier, 52


Testimonials Shamanic Body Dearmoring August 2018

The life force or existence, that all life is sacred and so, so beautiful. Stepping into this space with a willingness to change my inner attitude has transformed me, rebirthed my soul on a path as a light warrior. It is the biggest gift of self-love, self-disseverment and self-worth to step into life with a dearmored body and mind, in touch with spirit and the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth as a sacred human being.

Gaja Beukers, Nutrition and Holistic Health Practitioner


Genom dearmoringen har jag fått kontakt med kroppens poesi, det djupa mysterium som är jag. Det är en befrielse från allt som tidigare velat stoppa min kraft. Nu är jag redo att leva fullt ut.

Mina visioner är klarare, min kropp känns ny och öppen. Plötsligt är det som att det finns plats för vinden att vina genom mig och för elden att brinna i frihet i mitt hjärta.

Allting är nytt nu. Under dearmoreringen har jag dragit mitt svärd och valt att lämna det som inte längre tjänar mitt livs flöde. Nu är allting nytt och jag kan äntligen känna en djup lycka och stolthet for allt som är jag. Från den har platsen kan jag dela gåvor till världen.

Jag är djupt transformerad genom denna resa. Jag har en stark determination att fortsätta leva i frihet och harmoni med mig själv nu. Allting känns öppet, sexuellt befriande och sa fullt av kittlande liv. Aho


Vill tacka så mycket for ett fantastiskt jobb ni hade gjort!!!
Ett underbart team, så professionellt, kunnigt, inkännande, varmt, välkommande. Det var en stark resa för mig, total transformation, för kroppen, själen och mindet. Kändes tryggt, omfamnande, inspirerande, med mycket ironi, skratt, varmt hjärta. Sa levande, självklart, naturligt.
Älskar er!!



Amazing journey of self-knowledge and liberation. Åsa and team created such an amazing sacred and supportive atmosphere for healing and learning these powerful ancient teachings. Thank you for this powerful experience.

Vedran Korusic, Psychotherapist, 36, Croatia.


I have been seeking for as long as I can remember. Now I don’t need to seek anymore. Now it’s time to LIVE the life I’ve been longing so deeply for. Thank you, from the love and light pulsing in my heart and in my whole amazing being. Thank you.


A journey within.
Trusting your heart to come here can change your life. It did for me. Finding out more about who am I and where am I going? What is it that I truly care about? Finding stepping stones to continue my path of self-discovery.
It’s a deep journey that will challenge you. And that’s ok. You will find your way, as once you’re here, all you have to do is surrender and trust. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.

Jens, computer scientist, 33.

If you want to choose any retreat to open yourself, then do this one!!! To me it is amazing to experience so many tools to self-respect and self-love; to feel the spiritual determination and presence to give my gifts to the world. I am looking forward to playfully practice this when I go home again! I will be back.

Franc Duking, teacher, mindful tango teacher, Holland.

Now I have a framework “words” for the path I walked all life without knowing it. And I took a giant leap forward.


If you are stuck in your life and search for an opening, a breakthrough, a breaking of old patterns, a new start. If you feel ready, having the courage to face yourself honestly then Dearmoring with Åsa is a great idea….


Dearmoring is a journey for those who are ready to challenge all the unspoken, unseen, unfelt. It brings life to the whole physical body. And it will fill your heart with LOVE.

Petra, 32, Production Manager.

Dearmoring, the most amazing and fulfilling journey of my life. Opened up and emptied my heart to a total new heart space to myself and my surroundings. Instead of experiencing being a tool for others service I got an experience of myself as a sacred human being that I will care for with compassion, in deep trust to mother earth and her beautiful gifts in life.

Salix (Hanne)

The Dearmoring process has been the greatest gift of my life that I could have possibly given myself. It is a path to begin life anew in my body, mind, feelings and spirit that I had never imagined before I came here. Greatest blessings.

Lisa, 54

The best advice that was given to me upfront, when I was doubting if I dare to do this Dearmoring process was: If you feel in your heart and intuition a pull, a spark towards this, trust that, trust yourself, not the mind with all the voices. And I’m happy I did.


Amazing journey. Expanding, empowering and embodying. Thank for your determination Åsa. Highly recommendable for everyone that is willing to liberate oneself in deep layers.

Gabrielle Zwueste

Thank you for the magical healing & great medicine during the Dearmoring process.

My essence is a love being
All the time
Every day
Every night
In every moment
I always was &
I will always be

Daniele Haltmayer, 53 years young

A very empowering, inspiring, creative journey held with integrity and safety.

Gabrielle, 40

I experienced pregnancy with myself, then I was giving birth to my true version of existence on this planet. I went through the birth giving tunnel inside of the great Mother’s body. Whole nature I felt, and the breath was encouraging. I was surrounded by the wolf, cow and bear medicine. They all were present with me, breathing with me as moving in in a wave, flowing all together with the cosmic great wave, It was the initiation and passage to my new roots of self-power, grounding, incarnating here to this beautiful planet. I decided to be her guardian, gardener and lover. To seed new visions and image to make this place an amazing artistic atelier full of creativity.


Testimonials Shamanic Body Dearmoring April 2018

Thank you for a mind blowing, eye, heart and soul opening experience. Thank you for allowing me to be myself in my approach to all of this that is very new to me. For answering all my questions, holding space for all of us and carefully and lovingly facilitating a deep. Graceful, emotional and happy group dynamic.

I shall never forget.

Christina 44, Lawyer


This has been a life changing experience. I experienced a glimpse of awakening. I bring home much hope for a more peaceful and flowing world. I feel more complete as a human connected to a universal consciousness. I feel the dearmoring will impact my life as an artist. Giving me as a singer a wider connection to my body and soul and giving me tools to be truly creative and express myself with generosity and devotion to a greater energy.

Laure, Opera singer


No matter where you come from, what you are dealing with currently, the Shamanic Body Dearmoring is a safe place to meet and expand your heart, to get back to yourself in a more than beautiful and peaceful environment, surrounded by loving people who will support you all along the journey and who you can trust. Opening my heart tom e through self acceptance and to others by giving is what I take from this journey and discovery of deep and real pleasure.

Michael, 28, IT Engineer


The Shamanic Body Dearmoring is a course for you who is ready to face yourself on a deep level, step out of the comfort zone and meet your shadows.

This will take you to a deeper understanding of yourself and give access to self-love – acceptance and worthiness.

To use pleasure as a tool is equally challenging, wonderful and liberating. Åsa and her team have the ability to hold space in a very impressive and huge way. I bow to you!

The wisdom and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path supports, balances and gives tools and time to digest.

Now I am curious to go home, live life and explore life and myself through my dearmored pleasure body.

Anna 36


Feeling home in my body is what the Dearmoring was for me. Filling the hole in my belly with warmth and now self generated laughter. 

Perfectly organised, delicious food, beautiful place and location, fantastic sweat lodge.

A big thank you and even bigger hug to Åsa and her dream team.

Mike 50


Leaving the Dearmoring process with a deep gratitude in my heart, a feeling of finally being home within myself, to have found that my way is in my body and that I can fill myself with all the love i need. A deep and loving journey that i recommend to all who wish to be at peace within themselves.

Ann-Sofie 44


I spent 2 weeks trying to avoid the men in the group, so called to honour my need for ”safety”, when in fact, looking back now, it was always the Brothers and their presence that thought me how I navigated in the world, where my masks where and all the ways I chose not to engage with life, my heart, the Now. I am deeply, deeply grateful for my Brothers, touched beyond words that they chose to show up for me and in so doing, teach me how to show up for myself. In Truth.




I find the Dearmoring to be a magical and thorough process covering everything from the roots to the stars both literally and figuratively speaking. Åsa is an exceptional space holder and ”trigger” for all that is wanting to move and transform. 

The experience is bigger than can be formed in words, and is continually unfolding.



I feel trust in surrendering to the unknown. Energy is moving through all the parts of my body. I feel alive, ready to move forward. A really beautiful rewarding, nourishing, enriching journey it was. My heart expanded, so much more love for myself and others. Abundance and gratitude



Dear Åsa and team, the Dearmoring brought me freedom in my body, mind, spirit and heart. Through the teachings and ceremonies I became reconnected with God, the Great Spirit who showed up in so many ways in nature around the amazing Retreat Center in Kärlingesund.

I will take home uncountable insights about myself, my body, my energy and even more keys to reach out for the most fulfilling life possible on this earth.

Love to you all, you are amazing!

Tjitske, 44


For me, the Shamanic Dearmoring was like staying in Paradise and finding my path to Paradise inside myself. It was filled with great unexpected gifts. I got what I asked for and even more. It was magical! 

Big Thank You to Åsa and her dream team.

Wilma, the Netherlands


Liberating on so many more levels than just the physical. Åsa and her team are truly wonderful space holders with an integrity I had not experienced yet. It was a magical journey home.



There are certain things that one would like to tell the whole world about, simply because there is a strong feeling that ”if everybody did this… it would deeply change the world, change humankind to the better”.

Regardless of religion and background, age and so on, the Recapitulated Shamanic Dearmoring is for me such a thing.

The Dearmoring for one´s own liberation of everything that sits in the body as blocks – physically, mentally, emotionally. The Shamanic perspective for our understanding of ourselves as humans from a very grounded, wise, age-old but higher perspective.

Everything is relation. Ao how I relate to myself and how I understand myself will govern everything in my life.

And the understanding of the sexual energy as the life force itself and that it is strongly related to my creativity, how I am active and receptive in my life, should be basic common self knowledge.

The RSD is a very liberating and extremely empowering journey. And as the Elders say: It is not what happens in your life but HOW you engage with it, that determines your life experience..

With gratitude

Katarina Rosen


A life changing experience in a safe and beautiful surrounding, where you can heal and learn how to connect with your body and with life – an orgasmic life. I feel transformed in many ways. Åsa is a truly amazing teacher and inspiration.



A big thank you. It was quite a ride, with ups and downs, and very well held. Looking back on it, I cannot beleive how much more space I found in myself – mind, body, heart and spirit. I am grateful for breathing again fully or for the first time.



 Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Quodoushka 1 in Prag 2018

My dear teachers, Amara and Åsa, Dear assistants, Willy and Shyena, despite initial worries (just slight ones) I am grateful for having been here. It was surprising, new, eye-opening, huge, powerful, energetic, love-spreading, kind hearted, true, natural, step-by-step flowing, gentle yet tough, simply healing, moving and touching. Thanks for your truthfulness, openness and kind heartedness. I feel a lot of love to you.

Monika (a godess-to-be- ☺)


Thank you from my whole heart, that you came and brought us a taste of Sweet Medicine!
It was healing, juicy, refreshing and very very deep.

Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, love, overlook, spontaneity and mainly benevolence.

What would I say to the others?
Do not hesitate to come and touch the teachings of Sweet Medicine. During the workshop you will want to cry, laugh, fly… It will touch you deep in your soul.

Thank you for introducing me to a beautiful path to heal with pleasure. You did open my eyes to a variety of ways to get rid of shame. You did that with wonderful magic rituals, always spiced with a great sense of humor, but also grounded to everyday life. 

Love you , Ingrid


Q1 was a very uplifting experience for me. I appreciated especially the openness, spontaneity, playfulness and the truth with which the teachers created a great atmosphere and the space for everyone to open up. Being natural and themselves and safe to explore and play and heal.

Zuzana, 40, Bodywork Therapist, Translator


Quodoushka was for me finding the right way to myself. It showed me the way of developing and healing my heart, soul and body. I was amazed how positive and how connected it was with basic nature principals.

Thanks, Daniel Šťastný, 52, Manager


Q really surprised me. I feel touched and I want to know more. Getting better in using sexual energy for everything what happens in my body. Strengthened the connection with the universe, which I felt and which I fully believe.

Pavla Vaculík 53


I have really enjoyed the Q workshop. All the teachers did a fantastic work and I feel blessed by them and the teaching!

Thank you, Love and freedom rules
Svobodu! Tomáš 54


During the Q 2018 I went much more deeper into the bottom of my heart, soul and mind. All of them connected and became one. I am feeling now the beauty and truth of Great Spirit. I found my power inside of me and I am not afraid of it anymore. You are beautiful,

Thank you, Míša K (Maitrea)


From my whole heart, Thank you

Martin 40, Architekt


Understanding and acceptance of myself and my masculine power.
Focusing on myself, my feelings and my soul. That is right!


I came to heal my realtionship and instead I found myself, 

With love and gratitude. 



Quodoushka means for me a beautiful teaching and path. It comes from heart, to heart to help open heart and keep it open and thanks to it it brought us to sacredness inside of us.

It connects us with ourselves, others and all creatures, with the whole universe and oneness.

With deep love and happiness and gratitude.

Sandra 54


-beauty, depth, healing
– sensitive and emphatic approach to individuality
– clarity, truth, wisdom, support
– I found answer to the question who am I
– support on my journey through life
– that the way I walk is in harmony with Great Spirit, that I came from

Petr Velart


Quodoushka brought me knowledge of who I am. That if anything happens in intimacy and sexuality, it is always alright when it’s happening with playfulness, spontaneity, honesty and love.

Biggest gift is awareness, that we have all answers inside of us and all we need is the space and time to let them come. 



Q1 brought me deeper seeing into myself, into pain and fear what my inner child carry and at the same time it gave me awareness of inner strenght and maturity, which was there all the time and there is no worry to live it fully. I can trust it.



Bára 35(Maitrea)

Q makes me feel I am able to take care of me and my life. And I feel big connection with myself and the Great Spirit.


The Q1 teachings touched me deeply. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for these learnings which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. With love, Svoboda

Carlos Gomez 33y


The Quodoushka I course gave met he opportunity to connect deeper with my partner, but especially also myself.

The teachings touched me very deeply and I can’t even describe the gratitude I feel for this tradition. Thank you so much Åsa and Amara.

It was beautiful to experience two teachers, who are so different, teaching together.

Sophia, 26, Germany


My heart opened in a short exercise with an unknown man. Surprise, fear, replenishment, oneness. Thank you and thank myself. Now and then. The feeling of the energy of the wheel – Us will give me strength, light and power in the future. I will remember and it will be nourishment.

Thank you/us, Henrieta – Haliesun 40y


Your words touched my heart so deeply like anything in a very long time. Feeling now the strength to heal my heart. To love purely and deeply. To be really alive in this life. Thank you.



The best teachers and workshop ever! I am very grateful that I could experience it for the second time and this time share it with my husband. I believe that it will change our relationship and lives immediately. Thank you, with lots of love.



Thank you you for enriching my team with such a beautiful way, which I spend with my wife Eva.



This was the most serious, fun, saddest, happiest, illusionary and true times of my life. I feel a great relieve in my body and my spirit. Thank you Great Spirit for the light in my life.

Hug Lukáš 21, student


Thank you very much for this Quodoushka teaching and that you passionately, kindly and with an open heart shared with us this teaching. I wasn’t able to understand it by reading the book only, but even though my breathing started during the reading. It was essential for me to be in this seminar. The things I already have known before can connect in absolutely beautiful way with sexuality. I am more full now. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

PS: thank you for your openness and your courage.

Bara, 22y


For many years I have been called to study the Q teachings. And how perfect it was to study in this moment in this country (Czech Republic) with this alchemy of teachers, teaching assistants and wonderful students. My heart and soul are full, my shields are re-balanced. The fire for my purpose here on this earth walk has been re-fuelled and freshened. I am so happy especially to have reconnect to the shamanic ceremonies. Thank you so deeply with all my heart.

Annabel 46, Tantra Teacher.


Teachers Amara and Åsa and Q team touched me very deep with their authenticity, kindness, love and compassion in their approach. They were able to open the heart and create safe space to explore our pain, shadows and fears. They gave us a courage and trust in ourselves.

Thank you, Truthteller


It has been greatest experience that I would suggest to anyone interested in taking his life and bring it to a higher level.
Sexual energy can be healing if you know how important it is and you know how to use it and improve it. You can see your light.

David 42.


Healing of my masculinity and at the same time replenishment of my masculine potential. Healing of my Ego and appreciation of myself as a man



Thank you for everything so much. I healed my women, she was hurt after cancer (loosing half of my women breast)
Now I can again be with a men and experienced quodoushka. I am so happy. Thank you

Zuzana 41, teacher, trainer


This workshop was a huge gift for me. I came with a need of healing fear of men and I got it together with many others healings (such as healing of my body).

Věra, Financial analist.


I ensure myself that when we have strong intention and we really want something, it will come sooner or later.

I want to thank all participants, teachers and team.

God bless your blessed work.

With love and gratitude. Vera


New look for sexuality and whole healing of body, soul and spirit. Awareness and reminding of self-worth and responsibility to open inner potential in the way to become liberated.

Míša, Architect


Q brought me deep healing through joy, pleasure and kindness. The sincerity and wisdom of Amara and Åsa unarmed me and convince me that I walk on right journey. 

Bára 42


Through the teachings I was able to connect to my inner Self. I finally know what it is. Yattaaa!!
I can now accept myself as I am and embrace everything that makes me who I am. I can now accept things, that previously was depressing. I want to thank Amara, Åsa, Willy and Shyena for your openness. For showing me that everything is okay and show me how to accept my sexuality. 

Thank you so much. Pedro


Testimonials Shamanic Body Dearmorering, April 2018

I went into the Dearmoring open minded, without expectations and without really knowing what I was getting into. That I made the decision to do this I will be forever grateful for. This journey has brought me home, back to myself in a way nothing has done before. I now feel clear about my direction in life. I have regained something I thought I had lost and I now know better who I actually am and what I need to do to be in my full power and potential. I will forever cherish what I have found and the gratitude is beyond all words.

Uma, musician & chef


The Body Dearmoring with Åsa Kullberg has brought me to some particular space in my body where I had never access to, very powerful sacred and precious training, in a safe temple space. I’m happy that I followed my flow, which has brought me here. The journey is not only in all our bodies, the abundant nature is all around, present. Deep gratitude for existence and for the light bringers, whose determinant manifestation makes the world a beautiful place. Deeply happy for this reconnection. Deep bow to the precious group and loving, amazing team!

Laila Hathor, Belgium


This has been so far the most healing, opening, transformative retreat I have done in my life (and I have done A LOT!) Safety, unconditional full-on support, clearness and love were ingredients that were there all along and helped me tremendously to jump entirely in it. My heart is wide open and my soul and body deeply nourished. Just come and experience it for yourself! It will change your life for the best version possible.

Kinga Sidor, yoga teacher, women group facilitator, the Netherlands


A unique experience and one which I believe everyone in our modern society who seeks freedom in their life would benefit from. Challenging, for sure, but easily worth facing for the sake of liberation. Profound. Wonderfully and sagely supported and guided. Amazing teachings. Perfect location.

Mark, UK


Shamanic Dearmoring is a journey of depth, magic and love. The space is wonderful, nature around is of real beauty. I highly recommend. This is a process for profound personal transformation.

S.J., Canada


Dearmoring was the most useful experience of my life in terms of identifying / discard the layers of nonsense which I imagined I needed to defend myself. I feel as if a war inside me is over and a new, happier path has become apparent.

Anton – Moon Fox


A challenging, enriching and genuinely transformative journey – held together and facilitated with incredible energy and love. A safe space to explore who you really are. I am glad I made this investment. I am pretty sure you will be too ☺

Steven, UK, Sustainability, professional


Deeply nurturing, eye opening and transformative. A transmission of deep wisdom that will change my life forever. I cannot recommend this enough.

SIndre, 31, Therapist, Norway


The Dearmoring was like tuning up a car at the shop after having cleaned all the pieces. It’s a safe space that allows you to find what we’re looking for and as Åsa says: “don’t believe anything, try it yourself”.

Alina, Mexico


It took me a lot of time to sign up, but then I jumped and was part of a magical journey. It brought me home. I found my true nature again. I broke free. Åsa and her team created such a safe space, shared deep knowledge and with much love. And now I’m so looking forward to live my life. Life is wonderful and magical.

Kiki, the Netherlands


The open hearted and body centred knowledge delivered skilfully and with grace by Åsa’s inner midwife, smells like the first raindrops on dark earth. My soul is grateful for this process.

Veneta, Bulgaria


This has been an amazing retreat. It feels so safe to explore in the unknown, there is such a profound space holding during the sessions and guidance, which makes it possible to move in new areas & learn so much! I feel inspired by all the participants for it feels like a deep brother/sister circle where we can meet, and see each other with an open heart and mind. The teachings are so profound! I love the nature here and that I could connect with it every moment. Nature is so close and nature supported me as well in my sessions, it moved through me. I feel so blessed and grateful!!

So many deep experiences through the exercises we did, the meditations, the sessions, the sweat lodges, the ceremonies. And Åsa is a loving, kind, wise being and she truly walks her talk!

Caroline, Holland


The dearmoring process has been the journey of my life. I am deeply grateful to have participated in such a transformation, within myself and to have connected to all living beings in nature.

Lean, family therapist


Åsa, the way you pass on the sacred teachings and rituals is so pure, I am deeply touched. This was a life changing experience. I feel so much and connection with my heart and soul. So alive, lighthearted, this was a true expansion and liberation! So grateful to you and the whole team. 

Mascha, massage therapist 

4 weeks after the dearmoring

Life has shifted after my 2 weeks dearmoring at Karlingesund. I started noticing it 24 hours after I got home. I thought my connection with nature was profound, but what happened the last couple of weeks is pure expansion, so heard to put it into words. 

My feet chakras have opened completely, like mother earth is pulling every square millimeters of my foot soles in the ground. Never felt so rooted in my entire life. Also my hands…if I hold natural materials, vibrations running through my hands and at the same time electricity runs through my feet up. Especially with minerals!!!

I experience my spine like an tunnel? Most of the chakras have opened on the back side as well.  It’s a sort of a constant high!  

I feel the minerals are alive, I feel their strength. When I start conscious breathing my body becomes fully receptive. 

My dream time became so vivid, even more than before! A lot of lucid dreaming. 

I really raised my vibration on all levels. Its like I’m in love… 

I heard about the dearmoring, saw some YouTube films and an interview on your website and honestly…thought a lot was overstated. Since I can remember, I am a sensitive person. As a child I closed my sensitivity, because I needed to. Over the years little by little I opened the door to my sensitivity again. With these two weeks of dearmoring sensitivity is full on again! This training with Åsa was the greatest gift to myself. My energy flows and has a certain lightness. 

Thank you for your whisdom, your warm heart and lovely humor.

I am so grateful Åsa

We will meet again, for sure

Lots of love,

Mascha Willemstijn.


Shamanic Body Dearmoring September 2017

Thank you for the amazing space you have created.

I have done many workshops and trainings in the last 15 years but, by far, this is the most incredible journey I have been on. Very deep, profound transformation, access to recreating myself and my life, new perspectives of seeing and being. Access to the true me, dancing into my life with grace power and inspiration.

Vali C


This magical journey can’t be explained or described. You sign up, you walk through it, you walk out. You shine and glow in the new world you found.



I strongly recommend dearmoring because you have your solid “you” back into life. I am.

Lars F, 55, Sweden


A transforming journey in a safe container that provides you with many insights and tools for your onward path through life.



What a journey to connect to my pure essence, to my body and my femininity. I have reached a next level of self-awareness, self-love, self-respect and clarity. I have the space with an open heart, a bit more open mind connected to myself, my surrounding and spirit. A lot of wisdom transferred in beauty, excellence and humour. Thank you!!



An absolute life-changing, mind-blowing, transformative 2 weeks in my so far life! The title does its justice; it’s a real dearmoring! You are pulled to come to see how much armoured and disconnected a human being can be. Yet, when you put the armour down and see and touch the light and beauty and love that’s there within waiting to be discovered…. You are taking off to new dimensions, you are reborn, you are starting over in magnificence. May everyone of us put down their armour so we can live in peace, beauty, harmony and love. So, don’t hesitate for a minute and SIGN UP!



Great Spirit, your ways are clever. Brought to the edge of the cliff I have learned to draw my warrior sword and cut old pattern based thoughts, emotions and behaviour. And I have been given strong powerful tools; teachings that are wise, straightforward and simple so that I now can choose. I am the direction, the transformative energy, the love that propels further. Growth and Gain for All. In gratitude,

Josette, 7X7 years, the Netherlands


To walk through life with intention. With awareness. Nurturing our own circle first. And by being connected to “Lo Que Sabe” (the one who knows). We meet life from our well of wisdom tapping into the connection with life & the Great Mystery. Being present in the moment. Feeling the force. Expansion. Connection. Love.

Aiyona, 35, Spain


This was a very strong wake up call for me; who am I and why am I here. It gave me understanding and tools for my determination to become fully engaged in my own life and planet earth.



This has been the most spiritual retreat I have ever been to. It was a celebration of life itself. It connected me with my sexual energy and it catalysed my sexual healing. I am on my way to an orgastic life in all senses possible. I finally found my own sexual magic. I would like to thank Asa and the dream team for their exceptional presence, integrity and determination to fight for the light. This process and the teachings are a true expression of integral healing. Body, mind and soul are respected and encouraged to cooperate and co-create. I am ready to determine my own life, not in pain, but in pleasure. I can feel my power to manifest my hearts desires is growing. I wish everyone could give this gift of transformation to themselves. It is so worth it.

Katia, 37, therapist and health practitioner


I have nourished my soul with beautiful lightness, humour, depth and truthfulness. I have had the choice to be born again, to walk in beauty and embrace the tenderness, gentleness of being alive and whole. I have been through an empowering journey, being master of my luminous path. I have now the desire to put actions in motion with an open mind.

Emilie, 38


Dearmoring is the most complete, magical experience that I have ever done in my life. Letting go of the armour connected me with my orgastic energy, with my true power and fire. We are multidimensional beings, we are born to co-create extraordinary lives in harmony with the universe and all of its elements. I came here to face my shadows and to close the door to the past. I discovered what it means to live an orgastic life full of love and pleasure. Now I know. Now I am that pleasure, I am that force.

Sarah, 44 Spiritual Artist



Lovers Retreat August 2017

The Lovers Retreat absolutely blew my mind. This is a journey of intense self-discovery and growth, of deepening and healing of myself and our relationship. I have enough tools for continuing this path with my partner. I intend to continue learning from both these magnificent teachers. Their combination is a force to be redoned with. Thank you both from my heart.

Lucienne van Leeuwen, the Netherlands


A workshop in true sensuality.



Out of relationship perspective the far best thing we’ve done in our lives. The sexual guidance we got, helps our relationship to grow deeper, loosing up all sorts of obstacles on our way.

Balance between humour, sharp insights, wisdom and invitation to explore each other and ourselves.

The most fantastic food made with love and creativity.

Mario & Kristina


Thank you beyond words for a retreat that has opened up for even more trust, true intimacy, hope and direction in life together.

Åsa, 45 years


A must for couples wishing to broaden their boundaries of their relationship both sexually and intimately.

Lawyer, 44 Spain


Unexpected wonderful experience, so much healing, so much feeling, so powerful. Thank you all for an amazing time and such a big journey.

Anonymous, Spain


Åsa and Kåre took us on a profound journey in life, sex and relationship. They teach with compassion, humour and direction. I would recommend this to anyone willing to take their relationship deeper.



It’s been an absolutely fantastic retreat led by two of the most beautiful teachers I know. The healing, co-empowerment, beauty & intimacy have opened both inside of myself and in my relating with a beloved. I can truly recommend this retreat to any couple who wants to deepen their relationship.

It’s been a magnificent start on a new relationship and I am forever grateful for this retreat for showing me who I can be as a lover and for the beauty of meeting a partner in such profound depth.

Kavina Thorslund, coach, body-therapist, mindfulness teacher


This journey has been a profound, playful, interesting, challenging and deeply healing experience. The dance between the teachings of Åsa and Kåre is really high quality alchemy!!

Elisabeth, 57


Åsa and Kåre create a very safe, loving space that made it possible for me to meet my lover from a place of unconditional love, not co-dependency. I am amazed, deeply touched and feel very grateful for the depth of transformation and the practical tools I take home. The male and female co-creation and embodiment they live and show is very inspiring!

Franc Duking, tango teacher


This retreat really opened up for new depths in our relation. There’s a new amplitude that we can embrace now. If you are having a longing for deepening your existing relationship with a partner, don’t hesitate, sign up and go.



An amazing adventure in intimacy. I recommend any couple to undertake.



The lovers retreat was absolutely amazing for me. It gave me a deep feeling of having come in my body, my essence and in my relationship with my wife. I rediscovered fine communication and intimate relationship with myself and my partner. Thank you.

Michel, manager, 56


I wish everyone the possibility to have days like this. It’s a gift to life and the understanding and respect to each other and everyone – and to myself.

I think if I had this experience in the beginning of my life….. “Better late than never” SO TRUE!

Mia Maria, 64, Norway


I en delikat dansande balans kombinerar Åsa och Kåre varandra under Lovers Retreaten. Som trebarns föräldrar och en 20 år relation tillsamans kändes denna retreat som ett helt fantastik sett att komma varandra ännu närmare.

Tack Åsa och Kåre jag rekommenderar varmt denna retreat till alla par.



From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, Oct 2016

“Dearmoring for me have been such deep experience that will change my life forever, after many years of workshops, this is really what I needed; to close my karma book forever and live in total freedom. Thanks so much Åsa for being real.”

Luca from Italy, Entrepreneur


“The dearmoring process is the best gift given to myself in my life. I experienced that my lovely, natural and powerful energy is the most beautiful gift to myself and to the world.”

Kristin, Midwife and mother


“This retreat opened the door for me to a whole new life. The teachings are profound and very easy applicable in every day life. I feel my snake skin has renewed and foresee my flow and joy in life will have been taken to a new level.

And Åsa, you are the most fun, wise and ”cutting-through” teacher I have met until now. Big Thanks.”

Annemieke Barnhoorn, 49, NL


“For the first time I have been able to have multiple orgasms. Orgasms without inner pictures, just having attention to my body and genitals. I have reached orgasms without any tension in my body – just being relaxed and receiving. In everyday life I have closer to laughter and pleasant shivers in my body. 

My breath comes all the way down now. This is so far the best gift to myself ever. My future children will thank me.”

Bente, 34, Health Worker


“Life changing experience.

Saying Yes to life by fully accepting that my body belongs to me and I am worth being in my body. To embrace self –worth, self-acceptance, self-respect and no longer feeling guilt about me being a totally sexual and orgastic human being.

Thank you from the depth of my heart!”

Åsa 56


“A life changing experience. Performed with deep knowledge, respect and love. A sacred ceremony and process. I am deeply thankful beyond words. From the whole of my heart”

Sofia Ström, 44, Therapist & Business Adviser


“To hear it is possible to go into retreat in a safe, secure, strongly held space to strip away decades of anguish, fear and many more layers of crud encasing my body is a wonderful prospect.

Still further to experience it all rushing out of me in the most intense, cathartic, healing discharges of my life and to be left feeling so much space inside, connection to my heart, body and spirit is beyond comparison.

True bliss, peace, tranquility and freedom from the parts of me that pretend to control one, is priceless and a true gift.”

Chris, 35, England, Professional Network Marketer


“The Dearmoring is one of the most precious gifts I have had in my life. It has helped me see that I can actually receive and enjoy the whole of me in all of my human imperfection, and that, that is perfect!”

Lotta. 46, yoga teacher


“Life transformational! Etter Dearmoring ser så mye mer lys framover i livet mitt. Mer klarhet og styrke, mer tro på meg selv og livet.

Har fått tillbake en storre kraft inni meg som er kjempe deilig å föle og ha som anker og spiritual determination videre i livet.

Takk fra dypet av mitt hjerte.”

Josefin Helland, 28


“The retreat was a profound experience for me. In the teachings and practise there is a great wisdom. The guidance from Åsa and her team is very precise, dedicated and loving. It is the confirmation of teachings, ceremonies and the actual dearmoring process which make this retreat so special.

I experienced it as a very powerful way, as spiritual growth, self acceptance and self love!”

Edward,  69


“The teachings has been so rich and the process so deep and profound. I look forward to use and integrate the tools I´ve been given.

I can’t find words for what a great teacher Åsa is.

It´s been a very safe and lovingly held space for deep transformation.”

Anna 40, teacher


“Shamanic Dearmoring was an intense two weeks process, where I got to locate and release blocks to energy flow in my body, and dear old emotions associated with those blocks. Sometimes it was blissful, and sometimes it was difficult, but it lead to a greater degree of inner freedom and expansion in my body. 

Åsa was very skilful at navigating my process, reminding me of my determination and my strength, and directing my focus. I would highly recommend Shamanic Dearmoring to any one.”



“The teachings gave me several great tools that will help me continue developing myself and take the fight with the pretender voices”




From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, May 2016

“The Body Dearmoring was  a wonderful program which gave me a lot of insights and freedom. Very empowering, I´ve never gone so deep. It will certainly be helpful for the rest of my life.”

Riemer 49, Civil Engineer


“This retreat is a bridge to welcome you in a new world, no matter what was the perception of it before. A world of amazing new possibilities. It is held with such love, care and wisdom that the transition already happens the moment you decide to engage yourself in it.”

Gopal Anand


“This experience has gifted me such an abundance of strong medicine, anchors, direction, clarity, healing and self-empowerment! I have been offered keys to a rich, expansive and deeply fulfilling life of freedom. To walk forward in grace, pleasure and beauty. I hold gratitude for this like a golden sun inside my soul.”

Carrie 34, Musician



“The Dearmoring is a doorway that opens a new life. A life to more self-love, self-deservement and pleasure. I truly feel that I have been given tools to re-create my life. To live and choose with intent and determination. I can´t wait to get home and practice what I have learned and spread the wisdom and the light.”

Samaroha  48, Holistic Nutritionist


“The Shamanic Dearmoring ceremony was a coming home, a coming home into myself finding peace and calm within my body while tapping into the incredible potency and vibrancy of my life force energy. Åsa and her team are true masters in space holding! They provide a safe and loving atmosphere during this whole journey of deep transformation.”

Aude 25


“Life provides with a few crossroads when to reflect on your past life and to look forward how to spend the rest of your life in greater beauty and fulfillment.

Shamanic Body Dearmoring is such a rare life transforming moment. Åsa provides a safe and loving space for this deeply personal and vulnerable experience.”

Karl 56, M.D.


“I love the way we were taught, it gave me more connection to myself, my self worth, more relaxation, more completion, more understanding how things work for me and where I pay attention to what is good for me.

It gave me more connection to myself and others. To give and to receive. To have more pleasure in my life and sexual life. And how will I keep life satisfied and exciting.”

Franklin 44, Director


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Return to Innocence May 2016

“Shamanic Sexual Wisdom has opened up for me to see my sexuality from so many different perspectives, inspiring me to more fully explore my potential as a sexual being, in love and respect for myself and my palymates/partners.”



“Åsa creates a beautiful space for learning and expanding in these wonderful important teachings. So much love, playfulness safety and trust!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to connect on a deeper level to my heart & soul and to my orgastic nature!”

Love Helene

krusidull“Thank you Åsa & Co for one of the most sexually empowering experinces in my life! I am eternally grateful for this deep gift, reconnecting my sexuality to Spirit in a much more deep and profound way than I would have ever expected. I will definiteley be back for more of this juicy, orgastic, deeply healing and pleasurable goodness! Lots of love and light”

Nadal 24, y/o lightworker


“Shamanic Sexual Wisdom opened to my vulnerability”

Aude 25


“This is not an ordinary course. This is evolution of consciousness. This is sacred healing on a very deep archetypal level.”

Åsa, nurse


“Now that I know that I am an Elkman, my life will never be the same. Thank you.”

Fran 25, Warrior of God


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, September 2015

”A testiment of Truth. A magical opportunity to unlock a lifetime of holding patterns. Åsa and her team conduct the course with clarity, safety and with heartfelt presence. Deeply Grateful!”

Sky, yoga teacher


“The Dearmoring has given fantastic results for all of us participants. Loosening up and releasing tension and blockages in the body and mind that for me has been there for many years despite having tried all sorts of other tools and therapies. I was extremely impressed by Åsa, she holds space with such proffesionality, wisdom and humour. We all could relax in trust and feel held the whole way. It has also given valuable teachings and tools that we can bring with us home that will make life easier and more enjoyable. 

Priceless! I feel the dearmoring is something that everyone would benefit highly from doing and I couldn’t recommend it more. Also, the retreat place at Kärlingesund is  exquisitely beautiful inside and around in the nature, it’s been a pure joy to spend time there”

Sanna, Elektro ingenjör


”Finally I am home. Resting in my body whole, holy. The gratitude to Åsa and Jenny holding space is beyond words. This process, so precise, so beautifully held and guided has deepened my trust in life, my trust in Spirit. So deeply grateful! ”

Cosma singer


”Transforming on many levels, sparks the inner alchemist. Mandatory for all human beings”

Ralph 49


”The greatest gift I could ever have honoured myself with. A gift of deep healing and nourishing of my heart into full expansion of my beautiful self. A Journey of Self discovery in a space held with such deep compassion, respect and true beauty. Aho! ”

Julie UK


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, April 2015

As soon as the judgmental mind got itself at peace with the methods and tools of dearmoring, the process becomes the fastest and most transformational tool I can imagine available on the market. As I feel now it is a very honest and honorable possibility to change ones life, what is offered.

Micha Meyer, cook


From the English-speaking participants at Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Quodouskha teachings, April 2015

A really beautiful place, both the nature and the people, a life changing experience, everyone should do it at least once! If only I had taken this course 30 years ago! Sign up now and don´t look back.

Roy 53, IT consultant


It has been a very healing and developing experience. I feel that I now have tools to deepen further into my physical enjoyment and sexuality. I am deeply grateful!

Matthias, tantric bodyworker/musician


A perfect opportunity to come home, reawakening into your core in your essence with like minded people. This is one of the paths for a new Earth, and a beautiful one with a great teacher. Thank you Åsa!

Michael Stig, Copenhagen, Denmark


From the participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring, October 2014

Åsa and Jenny, you hold a such an amazingly deep and strong space – every moment through this journey I felt your presence. You were there, at once, every time I felt stuck, ready and available, to support. I have learned so much – the teachings of the tradition deeply resonate within my soul. Thank you Åsa for your presence – the way you teach gives me a lot of inspiration – you speak straight from the source, with the same deep acceptance and respect to every question. And thank you Jenny for your flowing, feminine Beauty, for your sensual open clear support. It was like being held by the Great Mother herself, feeling at the same time the love of the sisterhood.



For the past 25 years, I have not been able to breath properly. I felt like I had a band around my chest, and it was quite painful at times. The doctors took x-rays, ultra sound etc, but found nothing wrong. After the dearmoring process, I can now breath effortlessly, no pain, no band.

Thank you, thank you , thank you for doing this for us.

Hilde 35 år,  Norway


I thought I was having a loving and caring relationship with myself, my body and sexuality. There is so much more to expand than we can possibly know by mind. The space is held by Åsa and Jenny in the most open, loving and empathic way.

They really sense every participant on a deep, connecting level, giving one the exact help to reinforce their own sexual and life force energy with strong determination. It is the best gift that you can give yourself.

Anubhava,  Denmark


Thank you for this journey of deep healing, truly a life changing experience. The best investment in my own life I have ever done.

Andreas, 42 år,Norway


From the participants at Shamanic Body Dearmoring March 2014

The World needs a new perception on things and this new approach must be based on the best we know, ie the way it has been done for thousands of years from our ancestors.

On this course you will be liberated, in the safe hands of the very competent course teachers. Sexuality and Spirituality join hands –  the Heart of the masculine and feminine  will shine and you will be happy!

Michael, writer and therapist, Denmark


I found the Purpuse of my Life!

Chris Coach


I have experienced a deep and profound journey to the core self in search for my inner liberation.

I have had to face different masks and past experiences that kept me hooked in the loop, stopping me to fully live my passion for life and expand my human potential.

I am grateful for my courage and determination and love for myself that brought me here as well as my inner guidance and trust to find my true nature.

Thank you for being the catalyst of my inner transformation sharing your wisdom, love and passion for life.

With love and appreciation to existence, nature and our presence. Here and now!

Love Uma, Mexico


I attended the Shamanic Dearmorering course because I wanted to stay in my power and find a deeper conection with my partner. Now on the last day of this journey, I can say that I found my power, I found the deeper connection and I got beautiful new friends. I do recommend this course for individuals and couples if you are commited to be the captain of your life.

Antti, Business Coach


These two weeks have been truly fantastic, orgastic, deep and expanding. I have never attended a course with so much exploration, love and expansion – and I recommend it to everyone who dares exploring the depth of bodily sensations, to anyone who wants to explore and deepen their sexual energy.

Matthias, musician and tantric body worker


This course put me to the edge of exploring the unknown and it opened totally new dimensions in me.

I recommitted in being here in this body on this earth and I chose to explore how to ride the waves of breath and pleasure and orgastic light. I am in deep gratitude for this grand opening and new beginning of my life. I wish this awakening to all my brothers and sisters, woman and men who have the longing for finding and re-claiming their true nature and love inside and all around.

Siri, a human being, Finland


Testimonials from earlier courses and retreats

”This is bright light, this is love… and the freedom to accept and step into it”

– Diana


”An intensive, deep healing and empowering process in a warm and safe space.
During the dearmoring process I got the space of seeing the believes, perceptions, emotions and thoughts that are not allowing me to be in my full power, take responsibility for my reality and create the life my heart wants to live.”
– Cristina 35 år


“Feel deeply nourished by Åsas warm welcome back to sacred, sacred sexuality!A beautiful held course in balance with the elements, embracing a deep seeing of the depth of sensual and sexual beingness, in the human body. Encourage to take the path of pleasure – as the new road of dharma and leaving the pain road and old karma behind. Building a circle of trust, and friendship that transcends time and space.Thank you. Deep gratitude from my heart, for giving this service to the world!”

– Helen Dearmorering, Ängsbacka, mars 2014


“The dearmoring was the best gift I have ever given myself. I feel light and free and alive in my body. I gained compassion and appreciation for myself and a strong sense of my own power and naturness. I highly recommend the dearmoring for everyone willing to take a step into freedom and joy!”

– Suvi, Healer & Therapist, Finland