Asa KullbergÅsa Kullberg – Star Snake

With the college education in the profession of teaching, Åsa’s interest in spiritual exploration is her strongest passion and leads to meditation and yoga. She focuses on personal development and becomes a body therapist and rebirther. Åsa works for 9 years in her own practise, being the co-founder of the dance form Liberating dance (Frigörande dans) and its leadership training. “Livsdansen” – a pioneer and multi-year project for the awakening of the Goddess culminates in a leadership training for women. In 1990 she finds her path of heart in the Medicine. Her ancient knowledge about how sexuality releases life force energy gives her qualities of a unique kind. Åsa brought Shamanic Dearmoring to Sweden in 1998. She passionately reflects the potential of the medicine wheels with a large amount of humor and a razor-sharp precision. Åsa is a yoga teacher in Dynamic Yoga, trained by Godfrey Devereux.

Åsa has a rare ability to show us with a tender and loving way how we can relate to our body, sexuality and relationships. All her trainings develop a natural presence in the body and soul and offer us the possibility to see ourselves and others as we truly are. 

She is the founder and director of the Swedish Rainbow Dragon Lodge and has been practicing, studying and training in spiritual sexuality under the guidance of Thunder Strikes since 1992.