The Infinite Body, the Vibration and the Presence

DSC_3502Retreat with Daniel Odier

June 20 – 24, 2018, Kärlingesunds Retreat Center

In the tantric approach, we don’t see the body as something separated from the cosmos. We have practices to feel the Spanda, or vibration, on an intimate level. When we are vibrating, we realise that the whole world is vibration too and consciousness. From this point, there is no split between the inside and the outside, which is the core of all mystical experience. Total presence will lead us to Spanda.

The word “Tantra” comes from the root “tan” which means wide-ranging, while. It also evokes the weave of a fabric. This mystical path has deeply influenced Buddhism and Hinduism, whilst retaining the characteristics of Shaivism.

Passed down via numerous lineages, some of which originated in the Indus valley five or six thousands years ago, Tantra is a non-dualistic path.

The path without a path (anupaya)

“When the follower is touched by a divine grace, and having heard the words of his master only once, he is able to perceive the absolute nature of reality by himself, he becomes one with Shiva independently of all linear progression. This being, having been instantly liberated, has no set practices to follow, as everything is the expression of the “I am” of total presence.

kaliThe divine path of immediate absorbtion into Shiva/Shakti (sambhavopraya)

If one cannot penetrate the absolute nature of reality straight away, certain exceptional people may be touched by a divine freedom which rapidly enables them to identify with Shiva/Shakti. Its the path of pure desire, accessible to those whose heart has opened. This is the path of spontaneous and definitive awakening, that nothing will tarnish. The tantrika exists in continuous states if alertness and clarity. He no longer differentiates between subject and object. Pure vibrating consciousness is left, in which mental patterns, shapes and all sense of object separation appear and dissolve. It is the simple, essential truth of divine love. The person thus freed, exists in a relaxed state of total awareness, immersed in the divine.

The path of the energy of intuitive reason (saktopaya)

When dualistic thinking is abandoned, due to a direct initiation by the goddesses or through rapid understanding of the master’s teachings and sacred texts, the Tantrist “loses the taste for dualistic thinking”. This is his intuitive reason at work. The follower is gradually freed from non-dualistic perception, from inner blocks which prevent the full consciousness from flourishing. Little by little the ego relaxes its grip, a continuous presence is developed, full consciousness emerges and the non-differentiation of tantric-subject and universe prepare the yogi for the path of intuitive reason.

These three paths are not successive states, as they each lead to awareness. The teachings are combined according to the successive needs of each individuals.

“On this path, free from illusion, love alone is divine. No yoga, no form of ascetism can lead to that”

About Daniel Odier

Daniel Odier became a disciple of Kalou Rinpoché in 1968. He followed his teachings and recieved the Mahamudra transsmission. Pursuing his earlier intrest in Chan (the Chinese zen of origins), he studied the correlation between Tantra and Ch’an, inspired by the work of the Chinese hermit Chien Ming Chen.

Some years later in the Himalayas, Daniel followed the teachings of his Kashmiri master, the yogi Lalita Devi and the most profound mystical teachings of the Pratyabjijna and Spanda schools of the Kaula tradition.

Daniel gives workshops and seminars throughout the world and his books on tantrism, which have been translated into eight languages, deal with the most profound aspects of the Shivaite tantric path and of Chan.

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