q-logo_webShamanic Sexual Wisdom – Return to Innocence


  • Nov. 8 -11, 2018, Ängsbacka Kursgård


”Imagine that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful”, the Grandmother elders encourage us.

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom is a ceremonial process to reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness and naturalness of who you are as a sexual, sensual human being. The teachings are based in shamanic traditions and Quodoushka teachings which incorporate spirituality and sexuality as an integral part of life.

The knowledge offered in these workshops presents an alternative and wise approach to sexuality, as well as beautiful ways to bring new understanding, openness and healing to our sexual selves.

The teachings, exercises and ceremonies are designed to empower your relationships, deepen the connection with your body and release your sexual potential.

Return to Innocence

In Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Return to Innoccence the focus is to heal yourself as a sexual being. The program includes:

  • The human as a multidimensional being and the luminous egg cocoon
  • Opening your heart to your sexual energy to reach higher levels of orgasm
  • Sexuality for soul evolution
  • Exploring the Lovers Masks – different lover personas through which your naturalness can express and unfold itself


Price and Booking


  • Private individuals: 4900 SEK per course (includes food & lodging in double room at Ängsbacka Kursgård in Sweden).
  • For Company invoice: +25% on the price above: Please notify us beforehand if you would like an invoice.
  • For single room: + 250 SEK/night
  • These prices apply to the courses in Sweden, for the course in Prague, please register direcly to Maitrea by following this link.

Booking fee:

1200 SEK is due upon registration. The booking fee is non refundable in case of cancellation.

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