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We live in a time of increased frequency when our true nature vibrates with a stronger presence in the body and it’s possible to experience ourselves in truth, here and now.

A dearmored body welcomes this speed.

The method is unique and descends from the American indigenous people, Eastern philosophies and Western psychology. Dearmoring weaves together mind, body and soul in a meaningful physical and transcendent existence.

About the method

Shamanic Body Dearmoring is an intense healing process that loosens the pain tapes from the past held within the body. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores your natural balance and generates transformation on a cellular level. The process utilizes pressure points, strong vibration, breath and the movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to loosen, break up, and remove your body’s armor.


A 15-day retreat

The process consists of a series of 13 dearmoring sessions. In addition to the sessions, the process includes specific teachings.

The program is varied according to geographical circumstances and the needs and dynamics of the group. Teachings, exercises and ceremonies are included to facilitate the integration of the process.


  • The five elements and the human aspects
  • Communication with the worlds of Mother Earth
  • How to step out of co-dependency and choose “co-empowerment”
  • “Sacred Body Image” – the five different body types
  • Human light cocoon – (includes the five shields, assembly points, fiber – the spiritual umbilical cord, and the ten chakras)
  • Genital anatomy
  • Types and levels of orgasm
  • The hunger of the soul
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation – to return to the beauty of life
  • Life after dearmorering – to maintain the gains


  • Sweat lodge – a purification ceremony
  • Flowering Tree ceremony
  • Letting go of karmic bonds
  • Nature walks
  • Medicine Wheel – the circle of life
  • Ancestor ceremony – healing our relations
  • Shield council – to gather and unite the inner family
  • Ceremony to heal and awaken the power of the womb


For integration and well-being in the physical body, we use yoga, breathing techniques, dance and movement.


Common effects reported from people who have done the process are:

Life energy pulsates through the body with greater power and magnitude, life flows more easily and most experience a greater contact with themselves and with God, deeper intimacy in relationships and access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm. In addition to this, a greater need arises to do activities that nourish the body, inspires the heart and motivates the mind – that which expresses our heart’s deepest longing.

Shamanic Dearmoring

The road to our essence

The retreats also include powerful ceremonies and exercises to assist the process and the transmission of deep shamanic knowledge about sexuality, relationships, the human being and contact with nature.

In the ancient cultures, as in the heart of all spiritual paths, sexuality is seen as our natural contact with Spirit. It is known as the fire that sparkles, the engagement that restores balance, the kundalini that rises and the pleasure that heals.

It is our orgasticness that inspires us to return to Source, to find the way “home.” When armoring is blocking this basic life force, we become cut off from our essence and therefore from all of nature.

Price and Booking

Course fee:

19 400 SEK

Food & Logding:

  • Double room 9800 SEK
  • Single room 16 800 SEK

Booking fee:

4 000 SEK is due upon registration. The booking fee is non refundable in case of cancellation. At cancellation, later than 3 weeks before the course start, even in case of sickness, the course fee minus the booking fee of 4000 SEK can be moved to a later occurrence of Shamanic Dearmoring with Åsa. No return of the course fee can be made later than 3 weeks before course.

The whole course fee needs to be paid and registred with us three weeks before the course start. We cannot guarantee your space at the course without full payment.

For Company invoice: + 25% on course fee. Notify us beforehand if you would like an invoice.

Read more about our booking conditions here.

April 15-29 2023    (Register here)


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