Human Sexuality Celebration with Godfrey Devereux

Wednesday 13 May – Sunday 17 May 2020

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The games that we will play together present an experiential exploration of human sexuality and its spiritual source. They begin with a focus on recognising, acknowledging and expressing boundaries. These are followed by games in which you will learn how to assimilate intense energies in a nourishing way. This includes passively arousing and enjoying sexual desire without expressing into action. Finally there will be a flow of games which use touch and subtle contact to fully access the nourishing, healing power of sexual energy. In some of these games there will be the option of being naked. These games will not include direct stimulation or penetration of the pelvic floor. Protocols for how to include those possibilities will be provided for those wishing to explore further. Each game will be followed by a “debriefing” session within which a listening space will be offered to those who may wish to express or ask anything about their experience of the game.

Godfrey ( Dynamic Yoga ) has been pioneering Somatic Awareness Methodologies based on Yoga and Tantra for over forty years. His practice has brought him to a deep, lucid intimacy with the subtelties of being human within which its apparent paradoxes are all heart-warmingly resolved. This has allowed him to not only clearly understand the non-duality of biology and spirituality but also to facilitate direct experience of it. His teaching is as simple and direct as it is lucid and accessible. One of his great gifts is to able to create a dynamic, safe space within which people can feel, acknowledge and honour themselves as they actually are. His guidance will allow you to access the delicious depths of your human nature in a simple and fully conscious way.

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