drakeRainbow Dragon Lodge is a school authorized by the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path (Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society),  which aims to provide and convey knowledge from this tradition.

As a symbol, the dragon represents ancient knowledge and shows the way across the rainbow bridge into the new age. It moves in all dimensions and can dance with all energies. Rainbow Dragon Lodge was founded by Åsa Kullberg in 1996.

What is the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path?

It is a spiritual and esoteric wisdom path, leading the spiritual warrior into beauty, knowledge, freedom and enlightenment.

bild_eldIn 1250 BC, a group of shamans, medicine men and women, sorcerers and magicians gathered from different parts of the American continent to a council called Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders. They created The Rattlesnake School of Turtle Island, now called the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.

This tradition contains knowledge that is gathered over thousands of years and includes energy laws, ceremonial alchemy, communication with nature, knowledge of the human energy body, healing techniques, spiritual sexuality and controlled dreaming.

Twisted Hairs mean those who take knowledge from many sources and weave it together into “braids of truth”. This path not only passes on the knowledge from the old tradition, but also its dynamic development into modern life. The teaching from Sweet Medicine Sundance Path combines an intimate and deep understanding of nature, science, human psychology and physiology.
The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path consists of 15 gateways that all include ceremonies and teachings.

The elders convey knowledge and tools that re-awaken the natural harmony between humans and Mother Earth and balance in all of her worlds. They also show us how to create balance between male and female power as well as erasing the dogma and ignorance that keep us in patterns of struggle, pain and depletion of our own power. The intention is to promote individuality, autonomy and freedom for all people. Today there is, according to this tradition, eight major traditions of knowledge on the planet. Twisted Hairs honors all paths leading to the light.

The elders also say that during the next 12 years, we are in training to live in dharma and to walk completely in balance and harmony with the planet and all of Life. The development of the human soul can be set into motion, for illumination and enlightenment.

The prophecy of the Rainbow bridge & the Golden Horse

The prophecy is a vision that the Twisted Hairs elders got when they dreamed and worked with the Ark of the Crystal Skulls. They had asked to see the potential and the likely path of humanity and the future of the planet. What they saw was a race between four dogs, which eventually changed to four horses. These represent our choices at critical turning points in the evolution of humanity and how we relate to each other and Mother Earth.

The red horse carries the earth changes such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions. Mother Earth can thus restore balance and cleanse herself.

The White Horse carries the impact of industrialization and technology, sacrificing the Earth’s resources for financial gain.

The Dark horse carries the shadow of humanity – the worst in us. It feeds on fear, war and oppression and is running for the gain of the ego.

The Golden Horse carries individuality, freedom and peace. It runs to ignite the light within the heart so that we can live in love and harmony with each other and care about Mother Earth and all life that she gives birth to. The Golden Horse carries the best in ourselves, our potential and shining as enlightened people – Rainbow warriors of light.

The home of the Rainbow Dragon Lodge is Kärlingesund Retreat Center in Sweden.