Q-logoDolphin Dreamers – Yearlong Program

Year 3


February 23 – 27, 2022

May 13 – 17, 2022

August 10 – 14, 2022

November 9 – 13, 2022



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A journey of Self discovery and a ceremonial process with teachings, wheels and keys from the Sweet Medicine tradition, ancient shamanic wisdom guiding us in the transition to a new way of living, to healing the Self and all our relations.

It is in the shift of perception that healing, transformation and awakening to our true nature happens. The shift brings a holistic perspective where we become aware of the greater design, in what is is happening, what did happen and also where the illusion of separation dissolves.

Whether we call it Spirit, God, cosmos, universal consciousness or something else, it has always been the connection to that benevolent force that brings wholeness and Self realisation. To open and fully receive its blessing and the guidance of our actions as Sacred Humans and determiners of energy gives us joy and integrity and creates balance and harmony with life, with Nature and her cycles.

In the old times the tradition was called the way of the Spiritual Warrior. It is speaking to and of the awareness inside us that chooses Freedom and Truth rather than social conditioning and mediocracy, to the active healing and balancing of the feminine and masculine inside and to conscious integration of the brilliance inside our shadow.

The path therefore offers abundant opportunities for deeper seeing, maturity and wisdom. This engagement and inner leadership opens for intuitive action in the flow.

In relaxation and openness it is easy to welcome wholeness!

The first year consists of 4 gatherings, where we meet in the same circle and mature both as a group and as individuals. A deep process that help us to enhance and strengthen the qualities of health, hope, harmony, happiness and humor, while raising our frequency and level of energy.

In between the gatherings you will be given exercises and ceremonies that will integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Every year is independent yet based on the previous one. You sign up for one year at a time.

eagle_apThe Program consists of:

Medicine Wheels


The knowledge is transmitted in medicine wheels that describe reality as a whole. This breaks the linear view and opens the mind to a holistic approach bridging separation. The ability to see life and situations from multiple perspectives and directions activates the solution to internal conflicts and thereby allows our creative intelligence to flow freely.

One example of a basic medicine wheel is “Star Maiden Circle”. Its reflections evokes the memory of who you are, where you come from, why you are here and where you are going. The Medicine wheels are dancing you alive, inspiring the spirit and creating a deeper harmony with the Universal life force energy.

Healing – The Path to Health

waterfallThe Healing Paradigm contains knowledge of how you can heal yourself and stay healthy in the body.

  • The human energy body; such as chakras, assemblage points, fibers, shields and dancers.
  • Healing Techniques; such as crystal doctoring, sand painting and work with “marriage baskets”.
  • How to find the cause and solution to physical symptoms.
  • Shamanic healing circle.


IMG_6947In ceremonies you apply the knowledge of the medicine wheels to your own life process, to heal, balance and enrich your everyday life and your relations.

They will lead you into an elevated state of consciousness and awaken the contact with the Spirit of Nature. Nature is a mirror reflecting your inner teacher.


  • Alchemical formulas for ceremonial work
  • Drum Journeys for allies in the animal kingdom
  • Sweat lodges where we symbolically enter Grand Mother Earth to be purified and balanced
  • Rites of passage
  • Vision Quest and Kiva ceremonies
  • Kachinadances, drum and singing
  • Full moon and seasonal ceremonies such as tree ceremonies, stone circles and outdoor sittings

peaceCreative Expression


You will create medicine and healing tools. This craft unleashes your creativity and reflects your individuality and beauty.

Energy and Breathing Exercises

These exercises will increase your stamina and improve connection to your center which gives you stability and awareness in the moment. The techniques used sharpen your perception and supports the silencing of the inner dialogue. They also aim to integrate the knowledge in the body and awaken the magic of everyday life.

Physical exercise makes the spiritual warrior in both men and women ready to stand up for Sacred Law, which means to protect Life.

Moon Time – the art of living in the Now

CareThe vibration of the planet is increasing and life seems to go faster. A common but destructive reaction to this frequency increase is stress. Living in relaxation and being centered, it is necessary to find a new way to relate to time.

Living in harmony with the cycles of the moon recreates our connection with nature.

Ceremonies dissolve our addiction to linear time and activate a multi-dimensional awareness of ourselves as one cell in the body of Creation. They aim to harmonize the frequency of humans with that of the planet, and to center us in the present moment. We are synchronized with the seasons of nature and our internal cycles.

The human flowering tree

A common thread in ceremonial work is exploring the inner family – our shields. They are energy bodies through which we perceive ourselves and our relationships in life. Expansion and balance in the shields retrieve projections and lead the soul to maturity. Harmony occurs between feminine and masculine energy within our circle.

The South Shield – the inner child

Here we erase our personal history, see through our karmic patterns and heal the past. In a healed child shield, our happy heart will lead us to playfully align with the flow of living. We live with curiosity and are open to new adventures. Here self-acceptance and the capacity to nourish ourselves are born. We stand up for our heart’s desire.

The North Shield – the adult human

Here we silence the inner dialogue and with alertness in the dream of living we weave new patterns that expand into the future. With an adult shield in balance, we make peace with our own masculine and feminine energy so that we can create relationships where we honor each other as men and women. By focusing on the solution, we can resolve internal conflicts and open to love from within. Then we open also for the true gift from our ancestors.

The West Shield – the spiritual warrior

With humor as weapon the warrior sees through the mask of self-pity and we act consciously and present in the physical. The west shield is also a healer who knows how to transform energy and heal the body on the physical level. It activates the body’s knowledge and guides to wholeness and health.

With knowledge of alchemy we can realize our innermost desires and manifest abundance in our lives. The sword of truth is used to cut through the veil of illusion and create clarity .

The East Shield – the magical child

The engagement in unknown expands spirit and our true nature shines through. Utterly devoted to freedom our inner magickal child enjoys life without any concerns, happiness and love overflows and we vibrate at the speed of light. With the goddess of beauty in the heart the magical child never loses hope and guides us all the way. We dance the dream awake and walk our path without fear.

The Center Shield – the old wise woman and the old wise man

The Center Shield is showing acceptance of what is and is a truth-bringer. It shows us how to have a conscious sexuality and is communicating inner authority and the source of the force.

In stillness, the door to the temple of the soul opens and we access guidance from our inner teacher – a clear reflection from timeless wisdom. Here in the center of our circle the above and below are together. A continuous harmony with creation is danced as the soul is making love  beyond time and space. The circle completes and consciousness is one with the whole.

Yoga practice is included during the program.

Price and Booking:

Year 3


February 23 – 27

May 13 – 17

August 10 – 14

November 9 – 13

Times: February and November start  at18.00 on the first day. May and August start at 16.00. All modules end at 16.00.


25.400 SEK for the whole year when paid in advance
or pay with installment plan (26.500 SEK in total)

This includes all meals and shared double room at Kärlingesund Retreat Center.

Booking fee:

3 400 SEK shall be paid at registration. The booking fee is not refundable at cancellation. The booking fee will be deducted from the payment of the last part, when paid with installments.

Extra night before or after course: 400 SEK/night.

For company invoice: the stated price + 25 %. Please mark in the sign up form if you would like a company invoice and what payment alternative you prefer.