Image 03-11-17 at 09.22New Year’s Retreat

Tandava Winter Retreat – Spirit Dancing

  • Dec 28, 2019 –  Jan 1, 2020

Last registration day is 17 Dec.






Kärlingesund Retreat Center is welcoming you to a deeply restful and rejuvenating retreat aligning ourselves with the season and transition into the new year.

Being danced by Spirit we will move, meditate, express and nurture ourselves leaving 2017 behind. With curiosity and hope we may enter 2018, an unknown year holding a huge potential of enriching possibilities for us. To love, give, receive, serve and enjoy life here on earth.

In pleasure we will be led deeper into the golden light held by the velvet black darkness of winter. Mother Nature has now gone within, her life force is hibernating in vibrant stillness and luminous silence.

Safely rocked in this space, this womb, we all receive the new seeds of life for 2018.
Here at Kärlingesund the sky is generous with shimmering stars and the silence is audible. Held by heaven and earth, supporting each other we move into our next year celebrating life in all it`s different forms and colours.

☆ Sensitive asana yoga flow and meditation in the dawn of the new day.

☆ Ceremony

☆ Tandava – The Kashmiri Tantric Yoga – Dance of Expansion and Dissolution, of Shiva and Shakti

We allow our body to explore and express spontaneous free movement coming from within. Slowly we open ourselves to be breathed and moved into deep communion with the Everything. Awakening to the vibration of the True Self.

☆ Conscious replenishing nature walks connecting the outer and inner worlds.

☆ Creative artistic expression intending our New Year – creating a collage- mandala (No, you do not need to be an artist!!!)

We start at Friday, 16.00 and finish Monday at 16.00.

Price and Booking

Retreat fee (includes all activities, practices, ceremonies during the retreat, accommodation and all meals).

  • Private individuals: 6300 SEK
  • For Company invoice: 6300 SEK + 25%

Booking fee of 1500 SEK is due upon registration. The booking fee is included in the total price and is not refundable in case of cancellation.

Read more about our booking conditions here!

Last registration day is 17 Dec.